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Why You Should Hire Your Critter Sitters

June 6, 2015

Why you should hire us.


Amanda and Mystique

Imagine this. You are away on vacation for 16 days having a wonderful time in your favorite happy place.

You come home after picking up your pet from the kennel only to discover that your freezer quit working two days after you left. While you were enjoying yourself with family or friends, the ice in your ice maker melted out through the dispenser on the door all over your new hardwood floors. They are destroyed, warped up at the edges from the water they absorbed. And the smell from the refrigerator. Ewww!


Becky, Charlie and Lucy

Luckily you are insured. You begin by mopping up the floor and discarding all of the disgusting, spoiled food that you lost. The next step is to find a replacement because that is just what you want to do when you get. Then you hassle with filing a claim with the insurance company, who hopefully is responsive and helpful. Last, but not least, you contact your contractor to repair and replace all of the damaged floor. Depending on the time of year, this may be at the height of his busy season. You will be dealing with the mess for weeks, if not months. It’s not a big deal. Right?

This was not a hypothetical situation, and here is a better solution.

I am pet sitting in our client’s home and noticed that their freezer was making funny noises. The next day I noticed that the food in the freezer wasn’t as cold as it should be, and the water catch under the ice and water dispenser was full of water. This isn’t good. 


Swirl and Ray

After speaking with the client, I have taken care of all of the food that needed discarding, and disposed of the ice in the ice maker so their floors will not be damaged. I coordinated with the applicance and repair shop to have the freezer fixed…it ended up being a dead compressor. They will need a new refrigerator/freezer, so the appliance store brought a loaner unit until the client comes home. Now my client can go back to enjoying their vacation.

This is only one example of what makes all of us at Your Critter Sitters invaluable.

For your peace of mind when you travel contact us at 724-448-7330 or Learn more about us by visiting our website, or following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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