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The Story Behind Good Paws Good Cause

May 10, 2015

My friend Lisa is a kind and giving animal lover. She turned 30, wanted a dog, and decided not to wait any longer. Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley coincidentally had a mom beagle with a litter of three puppies – Teenie, Eenie and Weenie. Lisa fell head-over-heels in love with Teenie and visited him every day at the shelter to love and play with him until he was old enough to go home with her. Louie was a mild-tempered, well-mannered snuggle bug. They were best buddies, and everyone loved Louie. They lived in Arnold, PA, for five years and were happy, but when Lisa got married and moved to Indiana, PA, Louie got to enjoy a bit of Heaven on Earth with a new home and 9 acres of land to enjoy.

One day in 2006 Louie was scheduled for a routine teeth cleaning. When they got the results of the pre-surgery blood work, it was determined that he had Cushing's disease. They did a more conclusive test for confirmation, and it came back positive for Cushing's. This required a harsh course of meds for Louie, and he did not do well, becoming very ill. Even knowing the meds were making Louie ill, Lisa could tell something else was wrong. She did a lot of research online and in her books and all of Louie's symptoms pointed toward lymphoma. Her vet disagreed with her suspicions and felt they should stay the course with the meds in spite of how sick Louie was. Lisa contacted a different vet for a second opinion who agreed with Lisa's suspicions and did additional blood work to confirm them.  Sadly, Louie deteriorated rapidly and had to be put to sleep. Two days later the results from the blood work came back positive for stage IV lymphoma.

Lisa worked for the American Cancer Society during this time, and she saw how much animals played a role in the recovery for cancer patients. She also realized that there wasn't anything that connected humans, animals and cancer research together. She wanted a way to honor her special relationship with Louie, and after two years of soul searching and market research, Good Paw Good Cause (GPGC) was born. Lisa works with various small businesses to create some products, as well as makes some of the products herself, making this her full-time mission.

With a variety of products such as pet treats, cards, ornaments, treat for humans, all-natural soaps, GPGC has donated over $21,000 to various charities since its inception in 2008. To achieve this, 10% of the proceeds of all sales is donated to corresponding national charities. In addition, GPGC retail sales at charity events go directly to that charity.

If you would like to pamper your pet and give back to animal shelters, cancer research or environmental foundations, please visit Good Paws Good Cause, purchase some of their fabulous items, and share this post with others. You will be happy and feel good that you did.

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I met Lisa about three years ago at a fundraising event and have worked with her with pet massage, and she and her fur family have become one of our favorite clients. I wanted to tell you about her because I admire what she has created as a way to give back to the world and to honor her Louie.


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