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The Snyder Girls – A Critter Case Study

October 7, 2015

We enjoyed our time with these girls this past Summer. These three English Bulldogs and one 15-year-old Shih Tzu (sorry, no photo) love everyone they meet, and the Bulldogs fight over getting attention from whomever is visiting. Expect to get lots of kisses and paws being raised at you for petting.

Holly, the mostly white Bulldog, ALWAYS wants to be on your lap if you're sitting. Goofy Minnie and Maddie can get aggressive with each other over a bone…meanwhile there is an identical one sitting next to them. Minnie is sensitive little girl, licks her nose a bit, and falls asleep while sitting up. Maddie loves being a foot warmer when you're on a recliner, while sweet older Molly ignores any commotion and spends her time napping in the sun.

In spite of their sibling rivalry it is pretty clear that Maddie and Minnie can work as a team. Keep in mind that these girls do not have a fence around their yard, so they are on leads when outside. After sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, while unhooking them to take them back inside, they took off in opposite directions around the house to the back yard. They were like "Have fun chasing both of us at the same time!"

All in all they were a joy to pet sit!

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