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The Scoop on Cat Litter – A Wednesday Wondering

November 11, 2015

gg63951056Hi! Let's talk about cat litter today. I have been a pet sitter for over 11 years now, and have experienced many different cat litters in my clients' homes. Everyone has different preferences, and I am always happy to work with the products that my clients prefer. In my home we like unscented, scoopable litter. Lightweight would be awesome if it were available in my favorite brand. Then I wouldn't have to carry 20-25 pound boxes, 2 at a time, from my car, through my yard, and down my basement steps. 

Some brands stay sticky and leave clumps stuck between kitty paws. Not pretty when you try to remove it, and cats generally do not appreciate it either (ouch). Other litters seem glued to the plastic sides of the box. Consider it your biceps/triceps workout for the day. Still others fall apart when you try to scoop it, so it leaves lots of tiny, urine soaked crumbles throughout the box. You never eliminate the odor as well as you would like.

canstock10613617Lastly, let's not forget the expense. It can range from $6-$30 depending on the brand, style and size of container. Quite an investment. However, some clump better than others, so you actually remove less litter each time you clean the box. Because of that, you have to refill it with fresh litter less often. Hmmm. So then which one is actually cheaper?

Some brands to consider are:

Fresh Step, Blue Buffalo, Tidy Cat, Ever Clean, Dr. Elsey's, Ultrapet, Scoop Away, Feline Pine, Simply Pine, Swheat Scoop

What are your thoughts? What is your favorite brand? Do you prefer clumping? Do you like the wheat or pine litters? Do you use flushable? Please tell me what you like and why in the comment section below.


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