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The Language of My People

March 27, 2016

Do you know many obsessed animal people? We look normal. Have you dared to immerse yourself in our world? If you do try it, tread carefully. We are a confusing bunch, and we even have our own language. Here are some of the expressions and abbreviations you will need to know. I have listed them in alphabetical order with their appropriate translation. Keep in mind this is only a sample, and some of the words may have other meanings which are not listed below.

Anipals – Our best animal buddies

Barktending – Bartending

BFF – Best feline friend or also Best furry friend

BOL – Barking out loud

Brofur – Furred brother

Chitters – excited, fast ferret speech (i.e., Elvis chitters at his sister all day long.)

Everypawdy – every pawed and unpawed friend we have

Fangks – The way all of us fanged (canine teeth included) critters say thank you

Floofiest – Fluffiest 

Furballs – Any furry animal

Furbulous – Fabulous

Furends – Friends of the furry persuasion

Furiday – Friday

Grandpaw – The grandfather of a pawed baby

Happy Barkday! – Happy dog birthday

Happy Meowday! – Happy cat birthday

High paws – Similar to the human high five, but with more poof and scratch

Hoomans – Humans or reasonable facsimiles

Howlo – Hello from a dog

Meowmy – The mommy of a feline

MOL – Meowing out loud

Noms – Munchies for animals and humans

Panfur – Those wonderful furry felines we love

Paw waves – Raising your paw to the friends you see from a distance

Pawcious – Divinely precious

Pawleasure – Pleasure

Pawmazing – Amazing to a pawed creature

Pawsent – Present for a pawed friend

Pawsome – Awesome

Purrdied up – Primping for a date or event

Purrfect – Perfect

QOL – Quacking out loud

Sisfur – Furred sister

Tuesdog – Tuesday (were you able to figure this out by yourself? If so, you might be a crazy animal person, too.)

You may think you wouldn't need to know some of these, but you would be wrong if you participated in a weekly Twitter chat like #petchat. Also, if you chose to attend a Twitter animal party like the #scifipawty* I attended. We had virtual barktenders, guest chefs, and even a DJ. But that is a story for another time.

*#SCIFIpawty is an annual virtual science fiction convention hosted on Twitter by Boris Kitty to raise funds and awareness for animal charities.

* * * * *

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One comment on “The Language of My People

  1. Bernadette says:

    Non-pet people do give us a startled expression when one of these slips out in “regular” conversation!

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