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The Gift from Alpacas

August 2, 2015

Alpacas 1I was spending a couple of days at a client's home this past February. They were with one of their handsome dogs attending the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden, while I cared for their other two dogs at home, as well as their six Alpacas.

The alpacas names are Tango, Echo, Casbah, Rango, Taboo and Carlos. This was my first experience caring for alpacas, and I was excited. They showed me all of the main things I needed to know and would be a phone call away if I had any questions. The two most interesting things that I learned were that alpacas are skittish, like bunnies, and they can kick sideways when startled. Good to know.

Alpacas 2

When I woke up in the morning of my first full day there, I received a voicemail message from my brother that my mother had died in her sleep. It was expected, but not expected at the same time. I was in shock and was lost. The whole world stopped. All I wanted to do was be with my family and curl up into a ball. I couldn't do this because there was no one else to take care of the dogs and the alpacas. It was a horrible, blank, numb time.Alpacas 3

I turned to my friends and others on Facebook to help me feel not so alone. But I couldn't sit still either. I needed fresh air and movement. I needed to be with God, the universe and life. I took a walk out to the alpaca pasture and sat on a bench and stared at the gorgeous blue skies in the freezing cold, which I couldn't feel anyway.

As I sat there, these six beautiful timid, inquisitive, and precious creatures slowly walked up to me. With them they brought a sense of peace. It was then that I realized we are never alone. There is always someone, even if it is a herd of alpacas, with whom to share your grief. ~Ray

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