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The Comfurrt Buddy Treat

April 19, 2017

When my babies are having achy joints from weather changes or muscle spasms from overdoing it, I get their Comfurrt Buddies out of freezer and both dogs run upstairs, jump on bed and lay down waiting for their buddy. You would think I was pulling treats out of the freezer the way they run to get comfy on the bed waiting to get iced.

I had to tell you this story because I figured you would get a kick out of it. I told Jim the other day to ice the dogs. Jim went and got one Comfurrt Buddy and Cheerio ran and jumped on bed. Jasmine jumped up onto the bed also. Jim put the wrap on Cheerio and Jasmine looked at him and started whining. Of course she was wondering where hers was and when she was getting it.

This testimony is from Jen Sybol, Owner of Comfort at Home Pet Services LLC, and she has not been compensated. Her dogs are bi-weekly massage clients as well as steady, happy Comfurrt Buddy users. 

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