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Summer Tips

June 20, 2016


Hot Spots. They appear anywhere on a dog's body and can rapidly spread. This moist, raw skin disorder has a variety of causes but the most consistent factor is bacteria, and most respond to oral and topical antibiotics. Anything that irritates or breaks the skin can create the environment for bacterial contamination if the skin has moisture on it. Moisture can be from a bath, swimming, rain, rolling in wet grass or even from a small wet sore.


Watch for these sores and groom your dog well. Any dog that has a matted, dirty hair coat is at greater risk of developing hot spots. Having your dog shaved in the summer helps prevent the coat from covering any dampness on the skin, which helps to prevent growth of bacteria. 

  • Apply sun block designed for pets. If your pet does get sunburned, please consult your vet.  
  • Never leave your pet alone in a vehicle.4fee1284b0cf0.preview-300
  • Always have cold water available for your pet.
  • Don't exercise your pet in hot, humid weather after a meal. 
  • Don’t leave your dog standing on hot asphalt. His body can heat up quickly and his sensitive paw pads can burn.
  • When taking an animal to the beach, provide shade and plenty of fresh water. Rinse him off after he has been in salt water.
  • To prevent escape and/or accidental falls, make sure all windows in your home are properly screened.

Have a happy and safe Summer!

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