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Secret Life of Pets – Lucky’s Corner

August 10, 2016

Entertainment Reviewer

Out of Four Paws   For humans      For animals – There was nothing new


I would say I enjoyed the movie, though I was hoping to be able to give it four paws.

There was a great short before the movie starring the minions. They are silly, and I am a big fan.

A couple quick observations. The Secret Life of Pets is a movie for people of all ages, but it didn’t contain underlying adult humor as you sometimes find in other animated movies. It did include some good music. One of the songs was Welcome to New York from Taylor Swift. I can dance to that! Something my movie partner pointed out is that all of the animals are fat, and the people are skinny. That is how life is in my dreams.

I do have one quick question. Who would bring a baby to the movie theater to see this? I mean a baby under one year old. Luckily the person was considerate enough to leave after only a few minutes of the baby crying at the top of its lungs. Really??? Hire a good babysitter! I had to work very hard to sneak into the theater to see this movie, and I should be able to enjoy it without all of that ruckus.


Max, Duke and Katie

images (1)

Snowball, Evil Villain

Now this is not your typical cat v. dog movie. Our hero is Max, a somewhat needy terrier, and in a way it is a story about his relationship with his human, Kate, when she brings home another dog, as well as the strong bond between Max and all of his animal pals. At the same time, it is a thriller with evil animal villains. It was scary, sad at times, exciting, touching and even funny. Snowball, the rabbit villain, and Ozone, the Sphynx villain, were scarier than any Chuckie (if you’ve watched those movies), and it was suggested that Snowball was “crazy”. I think he was sad, wanted love from a human, and was misunderstood. Keep watching the movie, and you will see what I mean.


Gidget, Feisty Heroine

Max is a little confused about the good things in life. For example, Max chewed shoes as a puppy. Why would he do that!? They don’t taste good. He should chew on bread or my Daddy’s fingers. Those are yummy.

The heroine of the movie is Gidget, a white Pomeranian. I will agree that she was pretty cool. Gidget is a sweet and surprising girl for a dog, but my favorite character is the lovely, curvaceous Chloe. Va va va voom! She is my kind of woman!


Chloe, Max’s friend and my truly love!

Chloe had amazing restraint about the turkey in the fridge. I’m not sure why she hesitated, though. I wouldn’t. Turkey is a favorite of my brother, Tigger, and me. I have attempted to steal a couple in my many years. I actually managed to get a whole leg one year. Ha ha. The good times! But I digress.

I totally related when Chloe walked over the dog walker like I walk over Michael when he is sleeping. And a few of the group stole pizza just like I do. Did they follow me or did Mommy tell them my story? Chloe had the right idea about the goofy green ball. It wasn’t even worth acknowledging. Dogs are silly about their balls, but I don’t understand why everyone laughed about Chloe and the dot. Those things are very hard to catch and kill. Chloe completely stole my heart when she curled up in the glass bowl. She was beautiful beyond meows! Oh! Please pardon my daydreaming.


Scary Tiberius

There was a red-tailed hawk named Tiberius. I don’t know what a “hawk” is. All I know is that he was huge and terrifying. I hope I never meet him in a dark alley. One funny thing is that I will be seeing Star Trek soon, and it had James Tiberius Kirk. He isn’t scary, though.



Buddy, Max’s silly friend

A few of the other funny things that happened in the movie. Watching Mel’s obsession with the squirrel was hysterical. We have squirrels that drive us crazy, too. They yell at us and throw stuff at us, too, so I totally understand how Mel feels. Also, I have Mommy for massages, so I don’t need the blender that Buddy used. I totally love the idea of using a vacuum to get rid of party guests when you want them to go home. I wonder if this works with humans? I will have to try it the next time Mommy and Daddy’s friends don’t leave when I am ready to go to bed.

As for the scenes with Max and Duke in the sausage factory, my daddy works at one. He always smells so yummy when he comes home. Tigger and I love his work boots. They smell like heaven. I would be in heaven if I could find a way to get inside.

It was a little sugary sweet when the owners come home, but I will admit that I teared up. Everyone was so happy. I guess Hollywood knows how to push my buttons. ~Lucky

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