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Princess – A “Royal” Critter Case Study

July 9, 2015

You may bow to her majesty…actually she will bow to you as soon as she meets you. This Princess doesn't stand on ceremony. She wants love, and lots of it. As a matter of fact she will nose and paw at you until you give her the devotion she demands.

Princess is now happy with her mom and dad back home with her, but we spend a lot of enjoyable time with this little girl. As a sheltie, she loves to herd kids, other dogs, trucks, motorcycles, the mail lady, and noisy cars. Since she cannot get to them as they pass by her front yard, she runs back and forth along the front of the yard. If we are on a walk as they go by, she spins like a furry top instead. 

Princess is an obedient girl. We only have to tell her something once, and she will immediately listen to us. All she wants to do is make people happy so that they will love her in return. Many nights she will jump up on the couch or love seat with me and paw me for petting, brushing, or belly rubs. Once she has had her fill, usually after 15 minutes or so, she will curl up on the other end of the seat and take a nap.

Princess 7

This is how Princess looks at the end of a happy day.

Princess is also considerate of my time and space. If I need to work on the computer for a while or talk on the phone, she will happily lay down nearby and take a nap, as long as she can she me.

She is always joyful and ready to go new places and see new things, which is why she LOVES her daily walks. We have a great times enjoying the outdoors together. Now that she has gotten older and has developed arthritis, she also benefits from our regular pet massages. We love our little Princess.


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Critter Case Studies profile unique experiences our associates have when we engage our clients during pet sitting, dog walking or pet massage.





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