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Pet Sitting the Your Critter Sitters Way

May 31, 2015

The first step is to call us. We will then set up a 30-minute consultation to meet with you and let you and your pets get to know us and ask questions. This also give us an opportunity to get to know all of you to make sure it is a good fit for all of us. During this time we will also learn the layout of your home and your pets' individual routines so that we can keep them as comfortable as possible when you leave.

You will show us things like where their food is, how much to give them, which are their favorite toys, and where they prefer to sleep or like to hide. In additional you will show us important things about your home such as where your circuit breaker box is, your main water shutoff is and how to operate your security system, if you have one.

When we visits your pets during your absence (generally 3-4 times per day for dogs and 1-2 times per day for cats and other small animals), we will bring in any mail, newspapers and packages so they do not collect. We will also take out the garbage and recycling on the appropriate day, water any plants that need it and alternate lights within your home. All of these procedures provide the security function of giving your home a lived-in look, making your home safer from vandalism and theft.

As part of our normal routine, we provide fresh water to your pet on each visit, feed them as close to their normal time as possible, clean any litter boxes as necessary, take your dog(s) for a walk if that is requested, clean up poop if you would like us to and time permits. We also play with and/or brush any animal that likes it. In addition, we clean up any messes that may occur.

We are not veterinarians. However, we can recognize the signs of illness. Our first step is to contact you for guidance in case it is a situation of which you are familiar and may already have plans in place. If you wish, we will take your pet to the vet in your absence. However, if the situation is dire and time is of the essence, we will rush your pet to the vet for care and then contact you.

We also clean up any messes your pet may make while you are away. Our goal is to keep your home clean and safe and your pets happy when you are away. We provide peace of mind to the business or vacation traveler.

To schedule pet care for your furry friend, contact us at 724-448-7330 or Learn more about us by visiting our website or following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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