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Pet Massage the Your Critter Sitters Way

June 14, 2015

Pet massage is a non-invasive therapy that is beneficial for all types of pets, from your indoor cat to dogs active in obedience, agility, search and rescue, police K-9 units and guide dogs.

Benefits of Pet Massage Therapy75-2

relieves tension
reduces pain and swelling
increases circulation and flexibility
helps promote faster healing
stimulates both mentally and physically
improves muscle tone / overall physical condition
aides in the prevention of injury

Injuries That Can Benefit from Massage

Cold back
Hip dysplasia
Bad attitude due to mental stress / physical pain
Stiffness from soft tissue pain

Massage therapy helps the older, less active pet live a more comfortable life and regular massage therapy can help your pet during recovery from injury or surgery. Consult your veterinarian prior to massage for post-operative and post-injury massage.

Muscle soreness can be the result of injury, structural imbalance, over stretching or overuse/misuse. If a problem exists in one area, your pet will compensate by tensing up and/or using other muscles to protect the injured muscle. Any number of secondary problems can then occur which will in turn compromise movement. Once a problem exists, massage helps to break up the tight knots of adhering muscle fibers which restrict full muscle extension. Massage will find any damaged or potentially compromised area of muscle and restore it to improved function.

A series of general massages can show lasting and positive changes. When an animal is enjoying a massage and is receiving the benefits, they will show relaxation by yawning, lowering their heads and licking and chewing. Their soft eyes let both the practitioner and the owner know that they are enjoying it. Following a massage the animal should walk for a few minutes as well as drink some water. Then they should be allowed to have a rest period. Massage for your animals can be a great treat and a great asset to their performance, health and wellness.

To schedule a massage for your furry friend, contact us at 724-448-7330 or You can learn more about us by visiting our website or following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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