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Pet Massage Testimonial

July 26, 2015

We hired Your Critter Sitters in April 2014 for our senior dogs, Amadeus and Alexander. They both had arthritis and Deus also had hip dysplasia. Xander's kidney levels limited our treatment options, so we thought massage was worth a try to manage their pain and maintain their quality of life. Deus was unable/unwilling to use any steps. 

After a few sessions, we noticed an immediate improvement. Both dogs were able to stand for longer periods of time and lift themselves off their dog beds with more ease. The quality of their napping and sleeping improved, especially the day of the massage. And they were happier – when Raylene came into the house, they both greeted her and then flopped onto their beds with big grins of anticipation.

We lost Deus in April 2015. Just a week prior to his passing, he was able to walk out the back door and down the steps into the yard with assistance and enjoy some time sitting in the sunshine in the grass – a favorite activity of his. The day of his death, Raylene came to the house and gave Xander – Deus' littermate and lifelong companion – a comfort massage to help him cope with the trauma. Xander and now our younger Chihuahua mix, Ana, continue to benefit from biweekly massages.

The cost of two massages per month was less than the cost of the medication and the regular blood tests that would have been necessary to monitor Xander’s kidney levels. Financially it was a good investment with lots of additional benefits for the dogs and our entire household. It meant a lot that up until the very end, Deus could get himself up and walk out to eat his dinner in the kitchen – a quality of life indicator. I also appreciated Raylene’s regular feedback on the boys’ stiffness or other medical symptoms that I could share with the vet. When we found a tumor on Xander’s leg, Raylene’s meticulous records helped us to narrow down the window of time in which it had grown and he successfully had surgery to remove it, remaining cancer free to this day. The overall peace of mind is worth every penny.

Your Critter Sitter’s team is professional, courteous and efficient. They took the time to make me feel comfortable, too. Raylene takes time to say hello to everyone, including the cats. She’s very helpful as we sort out logistics.

As long as I have dogs, I will do everything in my power to make sure they have a regular massage treatment to maintain their overall health.

Disclosure: After Raylene massaged my dogs for 4 months, she hired me as her social media manager. Sue Kerr


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