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Pet Care – After You Are Gone

September 2, 2015

optimized-last-will-and-testamentYou are immortal, right? I'm not either. Have you thought about what will happen to your pets when you die?

As a pet sitter, I often hear about pets needing new homes because their human has passed and there is no one left to take them…or even sadder, no one else in the family wants them. These poor souls go into shelters that are noisy, scary and very different from the life they knew. No one wants that for their "babies".

Your pets are like your children, and they are relying on you to provide for them. It isn't enough to talk to a friend or family member once. Life situations change, and someone who would have adopted your beloved pet may no longer be able to provide this assistance. Please consider finding them a "Godparent", revisiting the discussion with the person each year to be sure that they still can, and including instructions and financial provisions for their care in your will. They will be glad you did.


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