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Overnight Pet Sitting the Your Critter Sitters Way

July 12, 2015

We provide overnight pet sitting for you when you will be away from home for 24 hours or more, and we arrive within 2-4 hours after your departure. With the overnight pet sitting we live in your home and care for your pets by:

  1. providing fresh water regularly
  2. feeding along their normal schedule
  3. Dakota S 4 (1)providing for any medical needs – Insulin, subcutaneous fluids, oral medications
  4. walking dogs
  5. brushing and playing with pets that enjoy it
  6. sleeping with your pets
  7. giving them love and attention
  8. cleaning cat boxes
  9. cleaning up poop in your yard as it happens

We also care for your home by:

  1. Bringing in the mail, newspapers and packages
  2. watering indoor and outdoor plants (great benefit for gardeners)
  3. taking out garbage and recycling on the appropriate day
  4. adding security since your home is not sitting unoccupied while you are away
  5. watching for any issues (flooding during storms, dishwasher or freezer leaking, etc.)

Before we leave we gather any garbage from waste baskets and put it in your garbage can and gather any dirty towels and put them in your laundry room. We also wipe down any counters, stoves, tables, microwaves and sinks that we have used and clean any floors that need it. Last, but not least, we refresh your pets water and leave you with a reminder note to contact us upon your return home.

We generally leave 2-4 hours before your expected arrival so that you come home to a peaceful, happy space at the end of your travels.

To schedule overnight pet sitting for your furry friend, contact us at 724-448-7330 or You can learn more about us by visiting our website or following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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