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National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

April 8, 2016

Friday, April 8th, is ASPCA's third annual National Dog Fighting Awareness Day.

As an animal lover, I cannot understand why anyone would participate in dog fighting…in fighting two animals of any kind. Pitting two animals against each other in a fight to the death (or near death) is barbaric, abhorrent, loathesome, repulsive, despicable…

This post is not here to discuss why people do this – what in their childhood, psyche, greed causes them to think it is okay to participate in horrifying actions such as this. It is to help spread the word that dog fighting is illegal and to encourage you to report to your local law enforcement any suspicions you have that this may be occurring where you live or work.

It happens in Pittsburgh. Report it so that we can help make it stop. 

How You Can Help 

  1. Donate $5 (or more) to the local organizations protecting animals in our region, including victims of dog fighting – Animal Rescue League, Western PA Humane Society, Animal Friendsor your local shelter. It only takes a minute of your time.
  2. Sign this petition telling YouTube to remove all videos containing any form of dog fighting.
  3. If you suspect dog fighting in your community, report it confidentially to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) at 1-877-847-4787.
  4. If you witness a dog fight in process, call 911 and then call the HSUS hotline at 1-877-847-4787.
  5. Share this post on your social media channels.


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