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Meet Landon & Charlie – A Critter Case Study

July 30, 2015

These two beautiful boys belong to one of our own, Becky, and here is her story about them.


We got Charlie when he was 6 months old, and my Lucy terrorized him. She is top dog and always let him know it. Then, about 2 years ago we adopted Landon from Animal Protectors. He had been there almost a full year, had been adopted twice and returned both times due to his separation anxiety. At first Charlie thought Landon would treat him like Lucy did. When that wasn't the case, they became best buddies and now are inseparable.

 Charlie and Landon (1)When laying together in the house they are always touching or cuddling, and in the yard they love chasing each other around the pool in circles. Charlie gets upset, though, because he can't catch Landon. 

Charlie and Landon 1


Charlie loves the water, and if it was up to him he would be in the pool all the time. Landon, on the other hand, hates water and will disappear as soon as you get the garden hose out.

Landon has also bonded with me and likes to let me know every night that it's bed time. He won't go up to bed without me. Both dogs go to the bus stop with my sister to put her son on the bus, and wait every afternoon at the stop for him to come home. It's really sweet.



Charlie is the talker of the family. We think that's the husky in him. He greets most visitors with a woohoohoo when they come, and he loves the attention that it gets him. He is also the biggest chicken and is scared of planes in the sky and the moon at night.  


Silly Landon is extremely gassy. He passes gas every time he jumps up to look out the window and then runs away like he is embarrassed.



They love roaming our property together, but Charlie will sometimes lay and wait for Landon to come back. He lays as flat as possible in the grass like a cat and thinks no one can see him. Then, once Landon is close enough, he jumps up and attacks.  

They are great to see together. You can just tell they really do love each other. 

Charlie and Landon


* * *

Critter Case Studies profile unique experiences our associates have when we engage our own pets or our clients during pet sitting, dog walking or pet massage.



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