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Maya (The Original Baby) – A Critter Case Study

June 4, 2015


I'd like to tell you about a special little girl. I first met Maya in April of 2008. She was a spry 8-year-old American Eskimo dog who thought I should be eaten alive. She had a big brother name Marley, a regular Reggae Puli who was 13.  He was an old, sweet soul and probably the best big brother a little girl could have. Our dear Marley died just a couple of weeks after I met him.

Maya is a rescue, so no one knows what she endured in her early years. It is obvious that she was not properly socialized. If she had been, many of the issues she has probably would not exist.

Maya walk 1

I got through my first meeting with them and their mom with a gash in my jeans and only a slight scratch. From then on, though, it has been all good. Maya can be ferocious to anyone or anything coming near the house, hence the need for a pet sitter. She does not like other dogs and gets maniacal when she sees or hears them. People walk on the street 20' from her house and she gets upset. I think she is trying to protect her family. Originally there were windows on either side of the front door. They have since been replaced because she clawed and destroyed the wood holding them in place.

In her younger days Maya used to sleep on the bed with me. I am an overly cautious person. Since there was a good chance that I would get bitten if I rolled over and disturbed her in her sleep, I laid a row of pillows down the center of the mattress between us as a line of protection. Poor Maya didn't understand why they were there, and she was sad that she couldn't lay up against me. I felt bad but knew it was safer for both of us.


Maya and I used to walk for a mile at a time, sometimes 3-4 times a day because she doesn't like to poop in her own yard. Not fun in the middle of Winter when you have a sinus infection and bronchitis. However, this is a great quirk for her to have since her humans now have little girls, and they play in the yard. As I write this Maya, is almost 15 years old. She is totally blind and about 80% deaf. We still take 3-4 walks per day, but they are only to the end of the street and back. It kind of makes me sad, but I know I have been lucky to have so much time with her.

There were worries when the family's first baby was born that, since Maya woke up growling and biting if you disturbed her in her sleep, there might be a problem. However, she has done wonderfully, and her human parents have been diligent about keeping everyone, including Maya, safe.

One Spring day a couple of years ago we were out for a walk and saw a puppy across the street. Maya whined but I knew better than to let her near the adorable little guy. Maya has a reputation in the neighborhood, so the owner knew not to come near us as well. Two days later on another walk, the puppy was outside again. Maya whined and rolled on the ground. She was desperate  to meet this puppy. I had never seen this behavior from her.  The owner and I decided to very carefully give an introduction a try. It was love at first sight. Maya has never acted that way again, or with any other dog.  I have not seen the puppy since that day, but the beautiful memory will be with me always. My proud, beautiful, vicious but sweet Maya. You will be with me forever.Maya walk 2

Today little Maya squeals and cries when I arrive, greets me with excited kisses and has made me a part of her family. Tears are in my eyes as I write this at the thought that someday soon she may be gone. A world without Maya will be less lively and loving. As a pet sitter, I am like this because I know after this stay with her, I may never see her again. I must make this time with her the best we have ever had so I can carry it with me forever in my heart and soul where she will always remain. 

* * *

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