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Massage Benefits for the Senior Dog

May 3, 2015

I pet sat senior dogs for many years and wanted to find a way to help them feel better and get around more easily. I knew massage helped with a lot of my aches and pains, so I enrolled in a canine massage class at Integrated Touch Therapy in Circleville, OH. I am so glad I did.

Dogs hide their pain well. It is part of their history of living in the wild. To show pain or sickness was to risk attack from predators. You may think your dog is just slowing down. That probably isn't the case. It probably is experiencing discomfort or pain.IMG_2487

I have found that senior pets generally benefit the most from massage. This is due to the release of "feel good" endorphins during the massage that help reduce your dog's so they are more comfortable. This shows in their brighter eyes and relaxed demeanor after the massage.

In addition, those with arthritis and hip dysplasia often suffer loss of mobility in addition to, and possibly because of, the pain. Massage helps restore mobility and flexibility so they can rest more comfortably, as well as resume some of the activities they enjoyed with you in their younger years.

Schedule a massage for your senior dog today by calling 724-448-7330 or purchasing directly on the rates page of our website. You will be glad you did when you see how it helps you senior fur baby.

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