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Lucy Lu Who? – A Critter Case Study

January 27, 2016

Lucy Lu excited for her upcoming massage

Always the picture of gentility, Lucy Lu greets me as soon as I get out of my car and walks me to the front door. She also walks me back to my car when the massage is over.

Lucy Lu is as happy to see me as I am to see her. After our “Hello. I love you” greeting she likes to chase her ball down the hall once or twice. For a 10-year-old Cockapoo she still has a bit of energy. Once she has decided we have played enough, we settle on the couch.

Today I will be giving Lucy Lu her fourth massage. When I first met her, she was quite stiff and sore in her rear quarters. To get up onto the couch her mom would put her front legs onto an ottoman, and then Lucy Lu would pull herself up onto it and then step onto the couch. To get down from the couch, she would step onto the ottoman, lay on her belly, and then slide herself off. During her third massage session I noticed that she used her rear legs just a bit to get onto the ottoman, and half used them, bending her stifle area (knees), to get off of the ottoman. To see those changes always makes me smile.

Lucy Lu was unsure about massages the first two times, but these improvements show that she has still gained a little more strength and flexibility of movement in her rear legs in spite of her trepidation. I am looking forward to even better results when I see her today. By Lucy Lu’s third session, she had realized that she likes the touch, so I will be able to massage new areas.

As with all massage clients, Lucy Lu may squirm and watch me closely when I touch near an area where she is tender, but she has learned that I will not hurt her and that she will feel better afterward.

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