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In Search of Their Dream Home

February 28, 2017

I would like to introduce you to a couple of special friends. They are in love, but as with all couples in love, they need a special place to call home. They have lived a couple different places, but none have been their dream home.

They are not able to have kids, so they don’t have to worry about schools, playgrounds, etc. June is a very active woman, though, and loves to run every day. It is how she stays healthy and relaxed. Sunny is a good guy. He enjoys spending time puttering around the house and keeping his wife June happy.

Okay. I admit it. This wonderful couple are bunnies, but everything else is true.

They are in search of the perfect home for them. They are a bonded pair, so they need to be kept together. They are also a little older – Sunny is 7 and June is 6. June is looking for a place where she will have plenty of room to run and explore. 

June is also super smart, curious, and a meticulous woman, so she needs a home that will keep her pen and litter box clean.

Sunny needs a home without any bunnies other than his beautiful wife. He does not enjoy other bunnies checking her out. He does enjoy human cuddles and snuggles, which is rare for a rabbit, so he wants a home with a cuddlebug human. June, however, does not like being picked up at all, so she needs a home that understands that.

They would be happy in a home as the only pets or with an older, gentle cat or dog. They would really LOVE to be with a retired person who would have patience with them while they adjust to their new home. They don’t require someone who has had rabbits in the past. Their current foster mom will give their new parents any help they need, as well as supplies. She loves these two and wants them to find their dream home.

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Please contact if you know someone who is interested and is a good fit.

In addition, for more photos and info, please check out June and Sunny at

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