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Harley – A Critter Case Study

March 26, 2015

Harley 1

You may have followed this on one of our social media feeds, but I recently spent a lot of fun time with Harley, a precious Calico kitty for whom I have cared over several years. She is a precious girl who misses her mommy and daddy when they go away. Luckily she knows me well and loves when I visit her.

Harley greets me at the door every time. I shut the door, turn around, and she dashes off to the spare bedroom. This is where most of her toys are. You can see by the photos that we enjoy our play time together. One of her favorites is the laser light, but she only likes to play with it for about 2 or 3 minutes. She plays longer with toys that she can sink her claws or teeth into.



Fun with the dot


Harley 2

King Kat & village


Harley 5

Let's pick a toy


Harley 6

St. Paddy's Day beads


Harley 4

What to choose, what to choose

Mommy asks me to spend however much time Harleys needs because she isn't used to spending a lot of time alone. I have found that this little girl needs about 45 minutes of play time everyday plus another 5 minutes of petting, belly rubs and cheek scratching. After that she is content and sits on the window sill in the bedroom. This is when I give her food, water and treats and clean the litter box.

Harley 3 IMG_20140613_064529


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Critter Case Studies profile unique experiences our associates have when we engage our clients during pet sitting, dog walking or pet massage.

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