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Happy Pet Owners Independence Day

April 18, 2016










Yes. This is a holiday…at least for us pet owners. It is a worldwide one, too.

So, what is it? 

"It's a holiday for all of those who have pets. If you are a pet owner, be proud and celebrate yourself on this day! You should do this by taking off the day for work and send your pet(s) to work in your place[sic]. Enjoy the life by switching into a pet's perspective by sleeping and eating all day long." From

I don't know about you, but as much as I like the idea, and my husband and I always tell the "kids" they need to get a job to pay for all of their stuff and to keep themselves occupied, I see a few issues with switching places with my pets.

20140214_131516I don't think any of them would do my job well. I have seen them try to type (see Tallulah's photo to the right). It isn't pretty. Also, they don't like other animals (so much for pet sitting or dog walking). They are pretty social, so they wouldn't mind hanging out with my friends, but that isn't work, so it doesn't qualify. As for taking my husband's job – they would eat all the product. He works at a meat production plant.

Other jobs they could do:

Lucky, HA. Look at this photo. All he does is sleep, eat, potty and annoy the other cats. I am not sure he has the qualifications to hold down a job of any kind. Normally I would have said a model, but he's put on a few ounces. Of course, he could qualify as a plus-size model. We need more of them, and he would be a knockout! 


Tigger. Hmmmm. He would be great directing traffic around construction zones. He loves being outdoors in any kind of weather, keeps a close eye on all kinds of traffic – birds, bugs, squirrels, cats, and he has somewhat reflective stripes. I think he might have a small issue with holding the Slow/Stop signs. If one of the humans stood the sign up though a traffic cone like you sometimes see, he could sit on a chair next to it and turn it as necessary. He is generally pretty fair, so no one would have to sit in a traffic line for too long. 


Tallulah. Ah yes, Tallulah. I see her as a mature Director for an off-Broadway play. She has lots of drama and opinions, plus she has quite a commanding voice and personality. I think she has an artistic side and would be great at helping actors reach their greatest potential. However, since she doesn't speak English as a first or second language, communication might become an issue. I understand what she says, but not many people do. Also, if she gets agitated with one of the actors or understudies, she would use her Claw of Zorro to get them back in line.

As for me taking their place, I can happily nap in the sun and shade, be picky about my food, snuggle with the people I love, but I draw the line at grooming myself with my own tongue. Yuck!

What about you? Would you switch places with your pets? How would they do in your job?


One comment on “Happy Pet Owners Independence Day

  1. Bernadette says:

    Too funny! And sometimes these calendars have too many days.

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