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Fredo – A Critter Case Study

March 20, 2015

I asked his mom for a tidbit she would like me to include about Fredo. She responded with " Haha – pick one. He's my problem child."

"I think the big picture story about Fredo would be about his separation anxiety, how little people know about (it) and how to deal with it. We were cluless and it was very difficult. We tried meds, doggie daycare and 3 years later decided to try getting him a buddy. That's when we rescued Luna and balance was established in Fredo's world. He just did not like being along." As good pet parents, he was not disposable to them, and they were committed to helping him. 

We are glad they worked with him and never gave up, because this furry, quirky dog is quite a character and too smart for our good. Our Amanda gets to see him often and had the opportunity to spend a few days last year with him and his sisters, Luna and Zeppie. It's interesting that Fredo comes with his own set of warnings.

First, he sees no point in laying on the floor when there is a perfectly good couch. Amanda would sit on the couch and Luna and Zeppie would quickly join her, leaving no room for Fredo. This smart boy would run upstairs like it was bedtime and then look over the wall and wait for one of the girls to follow him. As soon as one did, he would run back down the steps and steal their spot. This trick worked about 50% of the time, and mostly on Luna.


The house has bells on the back doorknob for the dogs to ring when they want to go outside. Sometimes Fredo would ring the bells to make Amanda think he needed to go out. She would get up and the other dogs would follow her. This gave Fredo his pick of the best seat in the house.

In spite of all of his trickery the girls were still his partners in crime. Luna and Zeppie were known to distract people in the living room so that Fredo, never one to pass up an opportunity, could sneak into the kitchen to counter surf. You don't stand a chance when the three of them work together against you.

Our last little tidbit is that Fredo is also a little bossy. When he wants you to go to bed, he stands on the stairs wall and looks at you to tell you it is time. Night Fredo!

* * *

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