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Exercise for You and Your Pet

March 21, 2016

download (1)Spring is here, the weather is improving, and it’s time to think about exercise for you and your pet. Is he or she is like our own Entertainment Reviewer, Lucky. He did a great bear impersonation over the winter, slept a lot, and put on a few ounces (or pounds) that are better off than on his small frame. If this is the case in your home, exercise is the answer. It can help kitty take off that ½ pound she gained curled up on the couch, and it will also loosen up those joints that your dog may not have used much over the past couple of months. Also, studies show that appropriate exercise can help reduce the pain and suffering associated with arthritis and hip dysplasia in pets.k2-_95cd34ae-77a3-43f4-a33b-3e58492b5351.v1

Top priority – exercise must be FUN for BOTH of you. Does your pooch like playing soccer or tug-of-war? Well, it goes without saying; he wants you to play WITH him. We all know it’s no fun playing alone. And remember, this can also help you take off any of those stubborn holiday pounds you haven't been able to shed.

s-l225Have you tried using a laser light to play with your favorite feline? This fabulous device has been cat tested and cat approved in the homes of many of our clients. They assure me that nothing is more fun. Many dogs even enjoy it. Some pets prefer to chase the light on carpet; others say slippery floors are the best. Another group says chasing it up a wall beats everything else paws down. Always make sure you check with your vet, though, before you put Muffy through her paces. He/she will help you determine what’s best.  

downloadAnything at all that gets you and your furry friend moving together is good. Best of all, this special time spent together, will help brighten your mood and calm any Spring fever you may be feeling. What better way is there to do that?!

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