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Dakota – A Critter Case Study

April 23, 2015

This boy is a fabulous Golden Retriever, who has been a challenge to massage. 20150402_133601

First he has a sister, Mia, a mixed breed that has endless energy and can jump 6 feet in the air from standing still. She whines, barks, scratches, jumps and continuously carries on if she isn't the one getting attention. Mia would not be quiet even with mom trying to occupy her. Dakota is a pleaser, so there was no way he was settling down for his massage. I even had to lock the door of the room we were in because Mia opened it from outside.

In November, carpet cleaners there, so we had to go into the game room where Dakota doesn't normally go. Again, he could not relax and focus on the massage with all the people and commotion in the house.

In January, Dakota had a cough. I kept the massage superficial because I did not want to spread any virus he may have had. Since it had been two months since his last massage, he was still a restless boy, so I alternated massage with petting to help keep him focused.

By February we finally worked it out that Mom would take Mia for a walk so Dakota and I had the house to ourselves. This time things went pretty good. He relaxed, but this was basically his first true massage, which usually is short because the dog is just beginning to get used to the more personal touch. Plus I could tell that he wondered where Mom was.

By April, Mom and I decided to try the massage while she was at work. Their regular dog walker took Mia for a walk while I was there. This left Dakota and I time to focus on each other and his massage. He did FABULOUS! Eureka! We finally found the situation that worked best for him.


Here are photos from Dakota's session that was the turning point. This is the second time he got a massage with mom at work and Mia being walked by the dog walker. It was the seventh session I had with him. Sometimes it takes patience and creativity to find out what works best for the dog.

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Critter Case Studies profile unique experiences our associates have when we engage our clients during pet sitting, dog walking or pet massage.

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