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Cochise – A Critter Case Study

October 10, 2015

I want to tell you about Cochise, a 13-year-old Springer Spaniel, whom I began massaging in the middle of May 2015. Cochise lost his human daddy in January of this year. They were closely bonded, so it has been a rough time for him. In additional he has a large mass in his belly that is putting pressure on his internal organs, as well as arthritis.

When his mom originally called me, she knew Cochise was not going to be around much longer. He was listless, uncomfortable and not eating very well. Massage was her way of helping him feel better and be more comfortable during his final days or weeks of life.

Cochise did very well the first time I massaged him because he was used to energy work and massage from his dad. He immersed himself fully into the massage. I noticed some muscle atrophy in his hindquarters, which is not surprising at his age and with his arthritis. I knew I would do my best to help ease his discomfort and help loosen up his legs in the hopes that he would be able to regain some strengthen in them.

After a couple of sessions Cochise began playing and walking more. He was gaining energy and strength every week. He began patrolling his neighbor's back yard again for squirrels and the like, which he had not done for quite some time.Cochise 1

During a session in August I noticed that his right leg muscles were tight, and his mom told he that had jumped a funny way while playing the night before. It was so nice to hear that he was playing like that again. After a massage to loosen those tight muscles, his mom said he slept better.

As I write this today, the 7th of October, Cochise is still with us and gets weekly massages to keep him as comfortable as possible until it is time for him to move on. His mom is sure that he is still here thanks to regular visits to his chiropractor, Dr. Astrid Manning, and his weekly massages. I am honored to be able to do what I can to help him feel better. ~Ray

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