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Irritable Lap Syndrome – A Tuesday Tickle

June 16, 2015

Irritable Lap Syndrome Symptoms: The cat appears unable to settle comfortably on laps, instead treading, kneading, rearranging itself, fidgeting, vocalizing, getting up and turning around, falling off lap and getting back on again, attacking magazines, needlework, computer keyboard, telephone, etc. Treatment: Immediate treatment is essential. Drop whatever you are doing (literally if need be) and […]

Bed Hogging – A Tuesday Tickle

June 9, 2015

Bed Hogging Symptoms: The cat spreads to take up all available free bed space at night.  It then expands a bit more until any humans occupy the smallest possible area of bed. It may do this on top of or underneath the covers or on the pillow. It is highly contagious – any other cats on […]

Snudging – A Tuesday Tickle

June 2, 2015

Snudging Symptoms:  The affected cat repeatedly headbutts any part of a readily available human and turns its head slightly so that the lips and cheek are rubbed against legs, arms, clothing, etc.  This condition gets its name from a contraction of the phrase "soggy nudging."  Snudging may well be a form of excessive scent-marking.  A […]

Collapsible Legs – A Tuesday Tickle

May 26, 2015

Funny Cat Ailments Having conquered cat flu, triumphed over tapeworm and braved behavioral quirks, it is time to focus attention on some often observed, but little-documented afflictions of cats. Each Tuesday over the next couple of weeks we will focus on a particular cat ailment and provide you with information regarding the best treatments available. Collapsible […]

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