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National Therapy Animal Day – April 30

April 30, 2017

Therapy animals help people in every stage of life every day. They help us cope with tragedies, sickness, loneliness, reading, rehabilitation, etc. I am lucky enough to know a few very special therapy animals who do a variety of services. A couple huge but gentle Newfoundlands, Dinah and Boomer, visit patients at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. […]

The Comfurrt Buddy Treat

April 19, 2017

When my babies are having achy joints from weather changes or muscle spasms from overdoing it, I get their Comfurrt Buddies out of freezer and both dogs run upstairs, jump on bed and lay down waiting for their buddy. You would think I was pulling treats out of the freezer the way they run to get […]

Santa Special! – Good until December 24th, 2016

November 23, 2016

WOOF  WOOF  MEOW! Santa will be here soon! Have a challenge-to-buy-for animal lover on your list this year? We have a PAWSOME gift option for you. From now until December 24th email me at using the code SANTA and you will be able to purchase three massage gift certificates at 20% off the regular purchase price. That’s a savings […]

A Date with Moxie!

July 23, 2016

The other day I spent a couple of hours at the Western PA Humane Society office on the north side of Pittsburgh with Jane Marcus, the Society’s Volunteer Manager. I am volunteering to massage some of the dogs to help them become more adoptable, as well as adjust to life at a shelter. After having […]

A Comfurrt Buddy™ Success

July 12, 2016

I am so excited to share this post! Anyone who knows Your Critter Sitters knows that we love our animals and LOVE to make them happy. We were at an event benefitting the Western PA Humane Society with Camp Bow Wow this past Sunday at The Grist House. It was a fabulous time! We sold […]

Summer Water Safety

July 1, 2016

  Summer, and spending time with your pooch in the water, can be fun, but there are a few things about which you need to be aware. Rivers currents are too strong if a dog gets tired.  Golf ponds are filled with parasites.  Salt water can be okay, but you need discourage your dog from drinking it. It can cause dehydration, […]

Annual Pilgrimage…

June 30, 2016

…to the vet. Let’s start at the beginning. We scheduled all three of our kitties to go for their annual checkup. Now, to get them there in their carriers, a good suggestion, if you can’t leave the carriers out all year long, is to pull them out a week to 10 days in advance of […]

Summer Tips

June 20, 2016

  Hot Spots. They appear anywhere on a dog's body and can rapidly spread. This moist, raw skin disorder has a variety of causes but the most consistent factor is bacteria, and most respond to oral and topical antibiotics. Anything that irritates or breaks the skin can create the environment for bacterial contamination if the skin has moisture on it. Moisture can be from […]

Summer Pet Safety Tips

June 6, 2016

Water and Exercise – Make sure your pets have plenty of access to fresh water on walks. Also, overdoing it can cause overheating. Keep walks to a gentle pace and if your pet is panting a lot or seems tired, it's time to stop.  Sunscreen – Apply sunscreen to exposed areas of skin. Light-skinned pets and thick-coated […]

Exercise for You and Your Pet

March 21, 2016

Spring is here, the weather is improving, and it’s time to think about exercise for you and your pet. Is he or she is like our own Entertainment Reviewer, Lucky. He did a great bear impersonation over the winter, slept a lot, and put on a few ounces (or pounds) that are better off than on his small […]

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