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Natasha – A Critter Case Study

May 7, 2015

Last year I did my first official cat massage and it meant the world to me. Natasha was an ill and frail kitty. She had very little time left for this world. Since this was my first time touching her, I did gentle, superficial massage for a few minutes to see how receptive she was. After […]

Bentley & Coco – A Critter Case Study

April 30, 2015

These two precious English Bulldogs received a massage gift certificate for the holidays from their pet sitter. One day, instead of their usual walk, they received their massages. They were receptive and happy for the hands-on attention. The older girl, Bentley, had some tightness and soreness but was in good shape for her age. She […]

Dakota – A Critter Case Study

April 23, 2015

This boy is a fabulous Golden Retriever, who has been a challenge to massage.  First he has a sister, Mia, a mixed breed that has endless energy and can jump 6 feet in the air from standing still. She whines, barks, scratches, jumps and continuously carries on if she isn't the one getting attention. Mia […]

Murphy – A Critter Case Study

April 3, 2015

From Amanda Hello everyone. I just wanted to share a heart-touching story about Murphy, one of our regular dog walks, and her love for her "mom". Tonight I had my 9:00 walk with Murphy. When I got there Murphy was in her cage and the house was dark. I figured that her mom had gone to bed and put Murphy in the cage. I […]

Harley – A Critter Case Study

March 26, 2015

You may have followed this on one of our social media feeds, but I recently spent a lot of fun time with Harley, a precious Calico kitty for whom I have cared over several years. She is a precious girl who misses her mommy and daddy when they go away. Luckily she knows me well […]

Fredo – A Critter Case Study

March 20, 2015

I asked his mom for a tidbit she would like me to include about Fredo. She responded with " Haha – pick one. He's my problem child." "I think the big picture story about Fredo would be about his separation anxiety, how little people know about (it) and how to deal with it. We were […]

Want a Love Bite from This Guy?!? – A Critter Case Study

March 12, 2015

I do. This is Kenzo, a Caucasian Ovcharka, and he is a huge and protective kind of guy. But, if he loves you, then you really have to watch out. I was at his house one night this week massaging his much older sister, Siri. Now, keep in mind that I had already given Kenzo and […]

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