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Becky and the Monster – A Tuesday Tickle

October 13, 2015

Becky, one of our awesome pet sitters, recently had some fun with a chocolate lab named Rugar Rose. Here is an exciting story in Becky's own words. Now remember, we are pet sitters and nature lovers, in their proper places. 😉

So, today Rugar Rose and I were sitting in the family room in the basement when we heard a noise in the corner by the treadmill. Rugar Rose, being the protective dog she is, starting barking and then jumped on my lap like "Save Me!!" I went over to look out the window to see if someone was outside but didn't see anyone. I stepped up on the treadmill to look in the corner and that’s when it appeared! Some creature scampered across the floor. I screamed and Rugar Rose ran. After a breath, I thought it looked like maybe a baby squirrel, so I put Rugar Rose on the other side of the basement door and shut it so she wouldn’t be in the room with us. Then I opened the sliding glass doors to the yard. 

My first thought was to call my sister. It wasn’t helpful. I was panicking and said there is a creature in the house. "What kind?" she asked. I said, "I don’t know. A squirrel or chipmunk." Then I kicked the couch, and it ran out onto the tile floor by the door. Of course I screamed because I could see it. It stood in front of the open door, then turned and ran towards the other side of the room. 

"Why won’t it go outside?" I asked my sister, and she just laughed. By this time Rugar Rose is on the other side of the door crying and jumping at the door, like "Let me in there to help." I walked towards the television and there he went, back to the other side of the room right past the open doors again, and back behind the couches. Once again I kicked the couch trying to scare it towards the door. Then I spotted him sitting on top of the dog cage staring at me. Still on the phone with my sister, I told her "Wait. I have to take his picture," and she laughed again.

Once I got the picture, it was back to business. I shook the cage, and he started flicking his tail. My sister, being the nice, caring person she is, said, “That means he is going to jump on your face and eat you.” "Really?" I laughed, but didn’t believe it.  Finally he went behind the couch again, then kept running and stopped at the door. He stared out for a second, like he just realized it was open, and he then ran outside. 

I yelled with joy “Yay! He went out!” and my sister replied, "The neighbors are going to hear you and think you are crazy."

I opened the door to let Rugar Rose back inside, and she instantly jumped all over me and was licking me.  Then, of course, she went all over the room sniffing. I said to her "That doesn't help now. Why didn’t you smell him when he was in here?" That was enough excitement for me for one day. ~Becky

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