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Are You Ready for a Rabbit?

February 10, 2016

Rabbits live 8 to 12 years. Before you get a rabbit, get the facts! Did you know that, contrary to popular belief, rabbits are NOT good pets for children? Many do not like to be held and can react by biting or kicking, possibly resulting in injury to both! Take this quiz to make sure you – and your home – are prepared to meet a bunny’s basic needs.


  • Will your bunny live inside – safe, secure, and included as a member of the family? There is NO such thing as a “safe” outdoor cage! Rabbits can die from heart attacks at the very approach of predators, such as dogs, cats, raccoons and owls. They can also dig under fences to escape.
  • Will she have her own space – a large dog crate, exercise pen or rabbit-proofed room to use for downtime?


  • Are you able to provide unlimited timothy hay? Some people are allergic to it or dislike the mess it can make.
  • Are you willing to buy two or three types of leafy greens for your rabbit each week? Hay and greens – and plenty of fresh cold water – are critical for rabbit health. However, you should give only a small amount of food pellets (1/4 cup for each five pounds of body weight) each day.


  • Will your rabbit have at least four hours of free playtime every day? Bunnies were built to run, jump, dig, climb and explore. Life in a cage is physically and mentally stressful.


  • Can you afford, and are you willing, to pay for your rabbit’s veterinary care? This includes spaying, neutering and treatment of illness or injury.
  • Are you willing to spend time grooming your rabbit? You will need to brush him or her daily to keep excess hair from being ingested, which causes dangerous blockages. Also, rabbits’ nails need to be cut regularly. If they grow too long, they’ll break off – risking infection.

If you said yes to every question above, then you may be ready to adopt a rabbit. Please contact Rabbit Wranglers or your local shelter. Lots of bunnies are waiting for you.


Rabbit care information courtesy of Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club

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