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A Review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Lucky’s Corner

December 30, 2015



Out of Four Paws  For humans         For animals (Needs more animals)


I had to see and review this long awaited movie because it has animals…all kinds of animals and other creatures. My question is this, since there are so many animals in the movie, why aren't they the hero and heroine of the story? At least Chewbacca was in it, but I think he didn't even have as commanding a role as he has had in previous episodes.

I think I liked the older movie better, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. There the Ewoks took a commanding role in the story. That movie had everything – romance, heroes, great battle scenes. Even the tragedy of death. Let's face it. Without animals, you got nothin'.

Did you know that there were two made-for-TV spinoffs from that movie? Yup. Caravan of Courage:  An Ewok Adventure in 1984, and Ewoks:  The Battle for Endor from 1985, a sequel to Caravan of Courage.

But I digress. Let's see. What can I tell you without spoiling it for you if you haven't seen it? The style, scenery and characters all made it feel like going home. Sometimes maybe it was a little too similar to Episodes IV, V and VI, but that made it comforting. There were a few surprises, but I didn't feel the same suspense I felt in the others. Maybe this was because I am older now (I turn 15 in February). Maybe it was because I had to be cautious and hide from the ushers in the theater. I saw the others on our TV at home so I could truly be enveloped by them.

If you enjoyed the Star Wars movies when you were a kitten or a pup, you definitely should see this. How can you not? If you have never been a sci-fi fan, I don't think you will feel that you missed anything if you don't see it.

If you see the movie, let me know what you think.~Lucky

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