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A Dog’s Purpose, by W. Bruce Cameron – Lucky’s Corner

January 31, 2016


Out of Four Paws      For animals     For humans


I enjoyed this book. It wasn't a quick, exciting read with lots of highs and lows, but it was tender, well written and insightful. A dog tells the story of his life experiences with his dog family, alone as a stray, and still other experiences with humans he fears and humans he loves. He wonders why things happen to him the way they do, why he keeps having these ongoing different experiences, and why he cannot get to heaven. Ha! He should try being a cat! We have to live life nine times.

There is a special boy, Ethan, whom he adores and protects. They have a special story that I will not spoil for you. You have to read it.

Even though I am a cat, I have always had a fluffy soft spot for dogs. This book reassured me that dogs have a purpose on this earth and maybe dogs do think. They don't think as much as cats, though. It also made me realize what life is like for them in many different situations. I have to say that I think about my neighbors' dog's separation anxiety a little differently. I think this book has made me a more compassionate cat.~Lucky

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